About SUNGI Co., Ltd.

Welcome to Sungi Co., Ltd.

High Quality Taiwan-made Fasteners

Initially founded in 1976, Sungi (Previous known as SANGI Staple Industrial Co., Ltd.) is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial staples and nails in Taiwan, supplying and exporting a diverse range of products at affordable price.

Here at Sungi, we ensure our products undergo stringent quality control, using only the most durable materials to produce staples and nails at surpreme quality. Riding on advanced technics and true experience, our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to provide the best products for our customers.

Why choose us? Take a look at what we can offer you.

   1. Superior quality material.

   2. Broad range of products.

   3. On time delivery time.

   4. OEM / ODM service available.


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